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Center branch:
7 Aba Hillel Silver st. Ramat Gan
North branch:
49 Hahistadrut Blvd. Haifa

Employee information sheet


We congratulate you upon your joining E-Versa LTD.

Our company has two branches:

Center branch in the stock exchange compound in Ramat Gan.

North branch in the Check Post in Haifa.


Starting to work for E-Versa LTD.

  1. You will be sent a draft of the employment agreement, specifying all conditions, including social benefits as agreed upon with you.
  2. After you read the agreement and make your comments, we will sign it and set the date for the beginning of your work.
  3. You will fill out an employee card (form 101) and send the original to us.
  4. you will fill out a bank account details statement for the purpose of receiving your pay via bank transfer.
  5. Our insurance agent will contact you to give you counseling regarding retirement pension and setting up the provident funds to which we will deposit your social benefit allocations monthly.


Working through E-Versa LTD

You will fill out a monthly hour chart according to your working hours, sickness leave and vacation days you had.

Calculating overtime, vacation days, sickness leave and food is done for the dates set with the company you are working for.

Your pay will be transferred to your bank account no later than the 9th of each month.


Contact people:

Bookkeeper - Ronit Chen. Phone number: 04-8426899 Ext. 104. For every question regarding pay, sickness leave, vacation, military reserve duty etc.

Human Resources - Chen Rotem. Phone number: 03-6121117. For every question regarding your employment agreement, car leasing, mobile phone, administration, termination of employment etc.

Insurance agent - Ran Goldstein. Phone number: 054-4797202. For every question regarding retirement pension fund, education fund and additional benefits.


Termination of employment through E-Versa LTD

Upon the termination of your employment, the circumstances will be determined as resignation of dismissal.

In case of resignation, you shall be required to submit a written notice to E-Versa LTD within the period of notice as specified in your agreement.

In case of dismissal, E-Versa LTD will serve you with a written notice as per your agreement.

E-Versa LTD will send the insurance companies and education funds release notices and prepare a 161 form for you.

In your last paycheck a final calculation will be made to include all the payments involved in termination of employment (cashing in vacation days, convalescence and compensation).


Refunding expenses in E-Versa LTD

There are cases in which you will have expenses for which you will be refunded (for example travel on the job). In order to receive the refund you should fill in an expense report, attach the original receipts and have your supervisor sign it. The signed report with the receipts should be mailed to the accountant: P.O box 25396, Haifa 31250.

The expenses will be refunded in your next paycheck.

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