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Center branch:
7 Aba Hillel Silver st. Ramat Gan
North branch:
49 Hahistadrut Blvd. Haifa


Am I eligible for travel expense refund?
Any employee will be eligible for refund of the travel expenses to and from work according to the public transport fares (as per the maximum set from time to time). The gross travel expense refund will be added to your monthly pay. Of your personal work contract says otherwise, the sum will be paid according to it.
What is my responsibility with regards to pay?
The employee is responsible for filling in the attendance chart and forward it in time to E-versa LTD.
How will I receive my pay?
The pay will be transferred to the bank account you specified when you started to work, no later than the 9th of the following month. The paychecks will be sent directly to the address specified on your 101 form.
As an E-versa LTD employee, to what insurances am I entitled?
E-versa LTD offers its employees the insurances as per the instructions of the company that hired them. Our insurance agent will meet with you for a consultation in order to adjust the allocations agreed upon as per the employee’s wishes, including the continuation of existing policies.
I’ve been called for military reserve duty. What should I do?
Reserve duty days are paid according to the social security law. You have to provide an original confirmation document from the IDF to E-Versa LTD. A single day confirmation is not grounds for payment. Only a “single day active reserve duty” form is.
I wish to use my vacation days to go on a holiday. How do I do that?
Every employee is entitled to vacation days’ quota as set in his/her employment contract. A part time employee will be entitled to vacation pay relative to the part of position he/she holds. All of the above shall be done in coordination with the direct supervisor.
E-Versa LTD must be updated about the request to use vacation days, using the designated form.
How many bank holidays are there in Israel every year and what are my rights on these days?
9 days every year are defined as sabbaticals in Israel: New year (2), Sukkot (2), Passover (2), Independence day (1), Shavuot (1) and Day of atonement (1). An employee who completed 3 months of work is entitled to payment for holidays during his employment as per the law (provided that he/she would have worked had it not been for the holiday).
I am ill, what are my rights?
Any employee employed through a payroll company is entitled to 18 sick days for every year of work. In case of illness you must notify your work place and E-Versa LTD and present an original signed medical note. According to the Israeli law the first sick day is unpaid. The second and third days will be paid by a rate of 37.5% and from the fourth day on the pay will by rate of 75%.
How will I know what tax reductions I am eligible for?
If you are eligible for any tax reductions – you have to present the relevant papers to E-Versa LTD and we will make sure we calculate your pay accordingly. If you are not sure which tax reductions you are eligible for please consult with e-Versa LTD.
We will make sure that your monthly paycheck specifies all the refunds and taxes deducted by law, according to the details you filled in your 101 form when you start to work.
What is 101 form, what is important that I know about it?
101 form is a form called “employee card” in which you are required to fill in all your details including address, marital status, additional incomes if any and tax reductions if eligible. Upon getting hired to work you must fill in and hand in the 101 form. All employees will receive a statement renewal form at the end of every tax year. You have to update this form if any changes occur to any of the details specified in it (bank account details, name change, marital status, address change etc.).
Does E-Versa LTD charge the employee for being employed through it?
No. The employees are never required to pay for our service. Our costs are covered by our clients, the companies.
Can I use a payroll company I worked through as reference for new jobs?
Absolutely, E-Versa LTD received feedback about your performance from the companies you have worked for and can therefore provide reference in the future. A combination of a reference from the payroll company as well as your direct employer creates an even more positive impression that an employer reference only.
When I work through E-Versa LTD for a company, who is my employer?
Your employer is E-Versa LTD, your paycheck and all your rights are provided by E-Versa LTD. If you encounter any problem in your workplace with the paycheck or there is a situation that might affect your work, please contact E-Versa LTD.
What is tax coordination and should I do it?
If you are working in more than one place you should perform tax coordination. Upon receiving your first paycheck you should go to the nearest tax office and ask for a “tax coordination”. You don’t have to coordinate your taxes but failure to do so will result in excess tax deductions, which will be refunded by the tax office only after submitting a coordinated report.
What should I do in case of a work accident?
In case of a work accident please notify E-Versa LTD and your supervisor immediately. E-Versa LTD will instruct you about the further steps you need to take in order to ensure your rights with social security and your work place.
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