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Center branch:
7 Aba Hillel Silver st. Ramat Gan
North branch:
49 Hahistadrut Blvd. Haifa

Why is it worthwhile?

Slot allocations -

Many companies have strict procedures regarding slot allocations for new employees. Reality often requires recruiting a highly professional person with unique abilities to man a position, manage projects, solve unpredictable problems, innovative development, filling in etc. in all these cases we employ, for you, the people you select who will provide the suitable answer.


Absence of employment relationship -

In many cases companies are not interested in forming an employment relationship for various reasons, for example: not wanting to give out options and bonuses from day one, employing people for a trial period not as part of the company's personnel, partial positions, operative flexibility with possibility of changes, temporary jobs/projects, allocated period of employment with option for extension, replacing employees in certain periods (pregnancy, maternity leave, sickness, projects abroad, unpaid leave of absence).


Cost efficiency -

Creating differentiation regarding the employment conditions for similar positions in the company without having to streamline the pays, causing high costs. Within the period of employment by the placement agency there is no need to pay for any social benefits other than the ones required by law, which are significantly lower.

The period of employment through the placement agency shall not be considered as tenure if and when the employee is hired by your company.

Reduction of inputs of the HR field in pay, we provide all necessary services and clarifications regarding the pay.


Freelancers -

Our company employs freelancers who are not interested in being self employed.

We sign the agreement with the person/company who orders the work and charge the fee opposite an invoice. We then pay the employee (the freelancer) his fee after deducting our commission.   

About us | Services for Employees | Links | Our Clients |
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