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Welcome to E-Versa LTD's website

E-versa LTD is a human resource company specializing in payroll placement.


E-Versa LTD is a privately held company, established in 2000 for employment and outsourcing.

The company serves a great variety of clients in different sectors. The company employs professionals in the fields of human resources, organizational counseling, finances and pay.  Our company has extensive experience in all of these fields.


We put the emphasis on quality of service, high professional level and personal treatment:

  • Long term professional service and personal treatment
  • Providing information to the employees and maintaining their rights
  • Professional support and guidance in the fields of human resources and pay
  • Expertise, tenure and experience in work processes
  • Personalized service as per the client's needs

So what is payroll?

Payroll is a job placement method in which the employee is employed by the placement agency rather than the company. Selecting the employee will be done by the company while we at E-Versa will employ that person for you.  Employment relationship shall not apply to the company and the employee. E-Versa will be obligated towards the employer-employee relations and their implications.             

Why is it worthwhile?

Many companies have strict procedures regarding slot allocations for new employees. Reality often requires recruiting a highly professional person with unique abilities to man a position, manage projects, solve unpredictable problems, innovative development, filling in etc. in all these cases we employ, for you, the people you select who will provide the suitable answer. Read more

Center branch:
7 Aba Hillel Silver st. Ramat Gan
North branch:
49 Hahistadrut Blvd. Haifa

About us | Services for Employees | Links | Our Clients |
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